Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Are you looking for a safe space to develop your performance art and create social change? Then the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center is the place for you!

The Clarice was designed to foster an environment in which students could produce, explore, and research their performing arts form. The Clarice exhibits different artists to showcase their work no matter what topic they chose. Most of the topics that the artists chose involve arts advocacy, social justice movements, or challenging the norms of society.

The School of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies with in the Clarice mission statement is to ”expands our capacity through performing arts to build communities, solve problems and create a life of meaning.”

Last year Graduate student Meghan Abadoo produced a show called Octavia’s Brood. This performance “exposes the essence, of a Black woman. It imagines a world in which women of color are warriors, prophets and presidents. Inspired by the characters of storytellers and racial justice activists Harriet Tubman Davis and Octavia Butler, it asks you to imagine this world too”

Many artists like Meghan Abadoo exhibit their work and reach audience members from different communities on and off campus. The Clarice allows for a safe space for students to transform the campus and challenge social norms.

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