I’m Taniyia Harvey and I focused my assignment on the Wye House and Frederick Douglass exhibit in the Hornbake Library. The Wye House exhibit was put together by the University of Maryland professors Mark Leone and Stephen Woehlke. The exhibit focuses on the Wye House in Talbot County Maryland and its rich history on slaves and their culture. The Wye House exhibit stems from the Archaeology in Annapolis Project that Mark Leone has been the director of since its start in 1981. The Wye House was owned by the Lloyds and their descendants the Tilghmans sponsored this archaeological scholarship on their property. In Frederick Douglass’s writings he referred to the gardeners and his time in slavery spent at the Wye House plantation. In contrast, the researchers involved learned about the cultural aspects of the Wye House including the tools, cuisine, religion, and agriculture that the slaves produced. The purpose of the Wye House exhibition is to provide more information about the culture of Maryland slaves and their everyday lives.
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