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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
College of Arts and Humanities
The Philip Merrill College of Journalism
Office of Undergraduate Studies

College Park Scholars
The Honors College

Lillian E. Doherty, Department of Classics
Shawn J. Parry-Giles, Department of Communication
Amanda Bailey, Department of English
Irwin Morris, Department of Government and Politics
Philip Soergel, Department of History
Christopher W. Morris, Department of Philosophy
Anne Suplee, Department of Physics
Francine Hultgren, Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership

Ira Berlin, Julie Greene, and Katarina Keene, Center for Global Migration Studies
Orrin Wang, Center for Literary and Comparative Studies
Jason Farman and Joshua Hall, Design, Cultures + Creativity
Robert Koulish, MLAW Programs

Hornbake Library

Special Collections & University Archives, UMD Libraries
Doug McElrath
Jason Speck
Laura Cleary

Participating Courses Fall 2016

ANSC 225 : Love me, hate me, use me, save me: Our conflicting views of animals
ENGL 130: Race and the Cultural Politics of Blood: A Historical Perspective
ENGL 235: US Latina/o Literature and Culture
ENGL 250: Reading Women Writing
ENGL 140: American Fictions: Cross-Examining US Lit, History, and Politics
ENGL 433: American Literature: 1914 to the Present, the Modern Period
ENGL 282: Introduction to Rhetorical Theory
HESI 418D: Special Topics in Leadership: Leadership & Ethnicity
HESI 418K: Special Topics in Leadership: Stories of the Multiracial/ethnic/cultural experience
HHUM 100: Honors Humanities: Introduction to the Arts & Humanities
LATN 472: History and Development of the Latin Language
LATN 120: Intro to Latin
SOCY 224: Why are We Still Talking About Race?