• Objective: a campus-wide initiative to educate students on the central role of public education in the development of American democracy, especially as conceived by the founders as an instrument for shaping the political citizen.
  • Focus: the University of Maryland as the state’s original 1862 land-grant institution; its historical role in imagining and creating political subjects and democratizing elite education.
  • Method: trace the shifting educational fortunes of various subjects within the American polity—the white elite, the poor, women, people of color, Native Americans, LGBTQIA, immigrants—through the optic of the inclusions and exclusions of our own university over its history.


#dtnumd   /   #umdpolitics

Education and Citizenship Project Committee

The Education and Citizenship Project Committee, formed out of the Department of English, is comprised of Kimberly Anne Coles (chair), Jessica Enoch, Zita Cristina Nunes, Carla L. Peterson, Sangeeta Ray, Martha Nell Smith, Christina Walter, and Edlie Wong.

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