The university of Maryland college park was established in 1856 within the same time period of the emancipation of slaves. Historically the campus is intertwined within the push for equal rights among African Americans and whites. University of Maryland, 1335 acres, is located in an affluent minority based county but just recently had one of a few honorary black symbols built on the campus in 2015. Students have campaigned for the Frederick Douglas statue that advocates for the liberty and equality of all regardless of race, sex, and religion. The Frederick Douglas statue, 0.00017 acres, was built and revealed in 2015, during a time in history now, where the quality of African American life is undermined as it has since slavery. Students have taken many steps to diversify the campus with the cultural identity its’ students identify with. Many classify the campus as diverse however, the student body is more than half white. As a community University of Maryland students have 1334.99983 acres left to cover.
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