Watch! Democratic Readings of Addison’s Cato

Hosted by the Department of Classics

The second event in our Democracy Then & Now lecture series. Judith P Hallett provided lavender handouts for our second DTN event, so that even people who had not yet read Cato, could follow along with important textual references. Now that’s what I call inclusive! Hallett explores the evolving reactions of classical scholars to the play’s representations of race and gender from the 1990s to the present day.

Watch! Historic Visions of Education

Our events have popped off! Starting last week, 9/7, with Ethan Hutt’s thought provoking lecture “Historic Visions of Education at the University of Maryland”. He answers the question, “What is a land grant?”, and then explains how it shaped inclusion in The University of Maryland System.

This lecture was hosted by the Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership.

“Democracy Then and Now” on Humanities Connection WYPR

Maryland Humanities Podcasts:

“As the upcoming general election approaches, we reflect upon the critical importance of political participation. “Democracy Then and Now: Citizenship and Public Education,” a Maryland Humanities-supported initiative at the University of Maryland, asks students, faculty, staff, and all Marylanders to consider how public higher education has contributed to the inclusion and exclusion of certain people in full citizenship, including voting rights. Kimberly Coles, associate professor of English at University of Maryland, tells us about a recent court case that sheds light on the role of public education in civic participation.”

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