McKeldin Library


Can you imagine coming to college and being told you must return to your dorm by 7:30pm? lights out by 10:30pm? Report intended destinations to a chaperone and even need permission to leave the campus? 100 years ago, for the first women accepted to our then young institution, that’s how it was. Old guidebooks on […]

Morrill Hall


Dating from 1898, Morrill Hall is the oldest academic building on University of Maryland’s campus. The hall is named for Justin Morrill, the U.S. Congressman who sponsored a series of federal land grant and funding bills aimed at increasing training in agriculture, military science, and “mechanic arts”—vocations such as blacksmithing, shoemaking, carpentry, and bricklaying—as well […]

Main Administration


Founded when the United States was on the cusp of civil war, the University of Maryland-College Park was originally called the Maryland Agricultural College. Consisting of only a few buildings and a farm in its early years, the college prohibited the use of slave labor on campus and aimed to combine sophisticated scientific instruction with […]

Calvert Hall


“Upon the ashes of the old dormitory buildings of the Maryland Agricultural College at College Park, destroyed by fire last year, has arisen a new, modern structure, fireproof, and equipped with every modern appliance known to the science of architecture and sanitation.” – The Washington Post, Aug 2, 1914 This new, modern structure is Calvert Hall, the oldest […]

Frederick Douglass Statue

Douglass Statue

The University of Maryland, College Park had the goal of establishing a “historically significant international public research university with a national purpose and a global impact” for its students. However, success does not come with its failures and mistakes. It was no secret that the founding of the Maryland Agricultural College which was established in […]

Maryland Stadium


In 2015, the 52,000-seat football stadium in the heart of University of Maryland’s campus was renamed Maryland Stadium in renunciation of the racist and segregationist beliefs and policies of the stadium’s previous namesake Harry C. “Curley” Byrd, a Maryland football coach and university president from 1936-1954. The campaign to change the stadium’s name was student […]

McKeldin Mall


Stretching from the front doors of McKeldin Library to the front doors of the Main Administration building, McKeldin Mall is 1,343 feet long, encompassing 16.28 acres of land. Prior to the early 1990s, when the current configuration of sidewalks was put into place, the mall stretched all the way to Anne Arundel Hall, rendering it […]

Memorial Chapel


The Memorial Chapel originated from a campus movement to honor the war dead and provide a place where the campus community could satisfy spiritual needs. The Farm Bureau led the petition, while a host of prominent alumnae made generous donations. A list of over 200 fallen heroes was presented at dedication on Oct. 12, 1952. […]

Rossborough Inn


Built in 1798, Rossborough Inn is not only the oldest standing building on the University of Maryland campus, but also the oldest standing building in the city of College Park. Originally built as a tavern and inn to service travelers between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., Rossborough Inn is now being used as an administrative building […]