Sociology Building

sociology building

Previously known as simply the “Art-Sociology Building”, Parren J. Mitchell’s name was added in October 2015 after a unanimous vote from the Board of Regents. Through these doors is space dedicated to the arts as well as the Art Library, and other departments such as the Department of Sociology. Though many students, faculty and visitors […]

Jim Henson Statue

Jim Henson

A statue of Jim Henson and Kermit the frog seated on a red granite bench commands the space just left of the entrance to the Adele H. Stamp Student Union at the University of Maryland, College Park, Henson’s alma mater. • Henson, who graduated from College Park in 1960 was known throughout the world for […]



If you happen to be passing by South Campus Diner at the right time of day, you may be surprised to hear the sounds of garage punk or sweet sweet acoustic guitar coming from an open second-story window. This and the near round-the-clock stream of programming you’ll hear, should you tune your radio dial to […]

Wye House

wye house

I’m Taniyia Harvey and I focused my assignment on the Wye House and Frederick Douglass exhibit in the Hornbake Library. The Wye House exhibit was put together by the University of Maryland professors Mark Leone and Stephen Woehlke. The exhibit focuses on the Wye House in Talbot County Maryland and its rich history on slaves […]

McKeldin Mall

mckeldin mall

During the Vietnam War era, the state of Maryland was a host to a significant number of anti-war activities. On May 1, 1970, just one day after President Nixon’s announcement of the U.S. invasion of Cambodia, over one thousand anti-war protestors occupied Route One, ransacked the ROTC armory on campus, and engaged both state and […]

Cole Field House

cole field house

Cole Field House, the old home of the university of Maryland Basketball team, was built in 1955 as the student activities building, and renamed one year later after congressman and former board of Regents chairman William P Cole Jr. The 12,000 seat arena was renowned for its one of a kind design while being only […]

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center


Are you looking for a safe space to develop your performance art and create social change? Then the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center is the place for you! The Clarice was designed to foster an environment in which students could produce, explore, and research their performing arts form. The Clarice exhibits different artists to showcase […]

Douglass Statue


The university of Maryland college park was established in 1856 within the same time period of the emancipation of slaves. Historically the campus is intertwined within the push for equal rights among African Americans and whites. University of Maryland, 1335 acres, is located in an affluent minority based county but just recently had one of […]