The Memorial Chapel originated from a campus movement to honor the war dead and provide a place where the campus community could satisfy spiritual needs.

The Farm Bureau led the petition, while a host of prominent alumnae made generous donations. A list of over 200 fallen heroes was presented at dedication on Oct. 12, 1952.

Chapel Construction was completed in 1953 and it was a magnificent; with fine accoutrements including a grand pipe organ built in Hagerstown. The aisle in the main chapel measures 90 ft long, making it a favorite for brides, while the vaulted ceiling makes for great acoustics.

In the 70’s protestors were tear gassed on Chapel grounds. Following, weekly “peace masses” were held till the war’s end.

Today, the chapel hosts concerts, marries over 100 couples every year, provides counseling services to Maryland community, and reminds us the passing of every hour with our Alma Mater.

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